Residential care home – Elmfield House Residental Home Ltd

Elmfield House is a small, family owned residential care home which caters for the holistic needs of 18 elderly residents whom have residential, mental health or dementia care needs. Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to accommodate residents who require nursing care.

The residential care home is registered for an occupancy of 18 single rooms and there is generally a waiting list of people wishing to be cared for within the home.

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Elmfield House is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) who regulate the quality of care delivery. Our most recent inspection was in May 2017 and as a result we achieved a ‘GOOD’ rating for all five areas that homes are inspected upon. A copy of our report is displayed in the care home and can be located on the CQC website by clicking this link.

Elmfield House - CQC Inspected and Rated Good Elmfield House residential care home

We have an excellent reputation within the local community for the standard of care provided for our residents.

We hope to create a ‘home from home’ atmosphere in our comfortable and homely atmosphere where residents feel at home as well as feeling safe and secure in their surroundings. Our ethos is to promote an environment where our residents and visitors to the home feel like they are at home.

  • Elmfield House is located in the picturesque village of Bisley based in Woking, Surrey. Bisley is close to the A322 and is conveniently located close to Woking, Guildford and Camberley. The home is directly opposite the idyllic Bisley Green and is well known in the local community.
  • Residents and staff go to the Hen and Chickens pub for fortnightly lunches, residents attend local events such as the annual Strawberry Fayre each June and the Bonfire night celebrations each November.
  • The residential care home has monthly visits from the Pastoral assistants or the Priest from Bisley Church located just down the road from us. Elmfield House also has links to the local Primary school, Cubs and Brownies groups and the local Youth group; we believe it is essential to be an integral part of the local community.
  • At Elmfield House we treat all of our residents with the upmost respect and dignity at all times. We respect the choices and the decisions made by our residents and independence is promoted and encouraged.
  • We offer personalised care packages for each resident to ensure that the delivery of care is specific to the individual. All residents have their own care plan which clearly outlines their care needs in all areas. This details how specific aspects of care should be delivered to each individual. We acknowledge that all of our residents have different capabilities and needs and we tailor-make the care plans exclusively for each individual. Care plans are constructed by the senior staff and are updated monthly to record any changes. An overview of the care summary is forwarded to next of kin each month.
  • On arrival at Elmfield House residents are allocated a keyworker who is a full-time member of the day staff team who will help the resident to settle into the home spending one-to-one time with the individual and they will discuss any worries or concerns the individual may have. Keyworkers ensure that their allocated residents have sufficient seasonal clothing, toiletries, labelled clothing and also we ensure that residents are stimulated.
  • At Elmfield House residential care home we want our residents to feel comfortable and happy within our care home. It is our policy to involve residents in making as many decisions for themselves as possible and we strive to involve our residents in determining what they want to eat/drink, clothing choices, the delivery of their care, how they spend their time, activities participated in and times they wish to do things. We are not institutionalised and allow our residents to decide when they get up, what time they go to bed etc. Elmfield House is our resident’s home and we try and encourage their usual daily routines to be respected and promoted.
  • Within our residential care home we encourage a petty cash system unless a resident chooses to keep control of their own finances in which case there is a lockable drawer in the bedside tables in which to safely store money. Our petty cash system has a log of monies received alongside their expenditure, all of which are dated and recorded. Only senior staff can access the petty cash which are securely locked away in the office. It is recommended that a balance of £50.00 is in the petty cash to cover expenses such as the hairdresser, chiropodist, newspapers, outings etc. a monthly report is given to relatives.
  • Residents are encouraged to have at least one bath or shower per week and residents are given a choice over which they prefer and the time of day to have it. Additional baths and showers can be given upon request.
  • At Elmfield House we believe that good communication is essential between the home and our residents and relatives. There is a notice board in the porch which details upcoming events and news, there is a monthly newsletter which is displayed above the signing in book, quarterly resident and relative meetings are held, relatives receive monthly newsletters/ petty cash reports/ summary of care needs and there is an open- door policy within the home so that staff, residents and visitors can communicate with the manager or staff.
  • We value and promote relationships between our residents and their family and friends. We are very happy for loved ones to call the home if they wish to speak to our residents. Alternatively, residents can opt to have their own personal telephone line installed in their own rooms. Visitors are always welcome and can visit anytime. Visitors are welcome to stay for meals although notice is preferred. Staff can assist residents to write letters, send emails or Skype loved ones to ensure contact is maintained. We have regular events throughout the year and invitations and posters are given to regular visitors to join us.
  • Activities are done within the residential care home on a daily basis and aim to stimulate the residents both physically and emotionally. There is an activities committee within the home consisting of a number of staff who meet regularly to discuss the range of activities done within the residential care home and to develop a structured and varied activities agenda designed to stimulate and benefit our residents.
  • We often utilise the services of singers, performers and entertainers to stimulate our residents. We take our residents on local outings to the pub, to tea afternoons on the rec, to the Bonfire night events, annual summer fayre and for walks around the green. We play quizzes, have DVD afternoons/ evenings, play board games, do arts and crafts, we have a top of the range power plate to increase physical strength, we go on outings, play bingo, have pamper sessions, we do chair- based exercises, reminiscing, have sing- along, use instruments and much more!
  • Prior to admission to Elmfield House residential care home, a pre-assessment is done to determine an individual’s suitability for the home as well as to identify the care needs, preferences and background of the individual so that we can effectively care for their needs if they were to live at the home. Contracts are issued when residents arrive at the home and there is always a trial period of 28 days.