Residential and Dementia home facilities are extensive.

In recent years our residential and dementia home has had significant renovations to improve the interior and physical appearance of the home. Such works include a new shower room, extended kitchen, improved laundry room, refurbished communal shower room, a new roof, an additional three en-suite bedrooms, a larger lounge area, a new garden which was designed by our residents, new flooring throughout the whole of the downstairs area, all new oak fire doors, improved dining room, a communal disabled toilet, a porch extension and a new communal bathroom is expected to be completed in October 2017.

All standard rooms feature an en-suite area with their own toilet and wash basin facilities. All beds are profile beds with handset controls to adjust the height and shape of the beds for personal comfort and elderly care. Rooms all have two arm chairs, a wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside tables with lockable drawers, a flat screen television on the wall, a table and have two nurse call handsets (one in the bedroom and one in the toilet area) so that residents can call for assistance at any given time. We encourage residents to bring personal items such as photographs, pictures, blankets, sentimental items, ornaments or anything else that reminds them of home. For health and safety reasons any electrical items must be PAT tested first before coming into the home.

There is a large communal lounge for residents to spend their time. They can look into the pretty garden area, they can watch the large television, listen to music, read their newspaper or socialise with others in the lounge. Activities can be done in the lounge and there are large activities cupboards in the lounge which are full of suggested activity ideas and resources. There is access to the garden through the bi fold doors in the lounge.

  • The garden was recently updated and questionnaires were distributed to residents prior to this to determine what facilities they would like in their garden. A large roofed gazebo is the centre point of the garden and there are many comfortable cushioned chairs with arms to make it easier for residents to stand from a sitting position. We have artificial grass which makes walking easier with Zimmer frames than real grass is. It also provides a neat and colourful exterior all year round. One of our residents has her own potted tomato plants and potted flowers which she feeds, waters and attends to. Access to the garden is via the double set of bi fold doors in the lounge, through the fire exit near rooms 7 and 10 and there is disabled access via a ramp through the fire exit opposite room 17. The garden is quite a sun trap, it is south facing and is enjoyed by our residents weather permitting.
  • We have a large kitchen where all meals are prepared and cooked on-site. There is a wonderful, varied menu chosen by our residents. Cakes and soup are made fresh daily. All staff are certified in food hygiene and safety. We have a four- week menu and specialist menus for residents who are vegetarian and for residents who require a soft diet.
  • We have a dining room where residents eat their meals and socialise with others. The tables are set at lunch time and leather- bound menus detail the meal choices. Condiments are laid on the tables for residents to use dependent on personal preferences. There is a separate dining table for residents who require staff assistance or supervision.
  • We have a communal walk in shower. There is the option to use the shower chair or to stand under the shower. Adjustable water temperatures adapt to individual preference. We also have a bath with a bath hoist so that residents do not have to climb in or out of the bath. The bathroom is due to be refurbished shortly. Body maps are completed each time a resident has a bath/ shower to monitor skin integrity.
  • All laundry is done on-site within 24 hours. Each resident has their own laundry basket and this is generally taken daily unless preferred otherwise. Items are asked to be labelled or initialed so that clothing goes back to the correct rooms. All laundry is separated into categories and washed accordingly at the appropriate temperature. Clothing is dried and ironed before being returned to the individual. Residential and dementia home residents generally bring their own towels although bed linen is provided.
  • We have a car park at the front of the residential and dementia home for visitors to park when they visit the home. There is also limited parking on the road outside the home. All visitors are requested to sign in the visitor’s book when they enter the home and sign out as they leave; this is a legal requirement.
  • We have a visiting hairdresser who comes to the home each fortnight. She offers a range of services such as a wash and set, cuts, perms, gent’s hairdressing and colours. She has competitive prices and is very experienced with the elderly clientele.
  • We have a visiting chiropodist every 6-8 week who attends to the resident’s podiatry needs again at competitive prices.
  • Vision Call opticians come to Elmfield House twice a year to do eye tests for all of our residents. They are experienced in elderly care and all residents are seen annually with the opportunity to purchase new glasses as and when their vision changes.
  • We offer the opportunity for residential and dementia home residents to have a newspaper delivered to the home daily which is invoiced to the individual at the end of each month.
  • Elmfield House residential and dementia home generally use West End Doctor’s surgery with whom we have an excellent relationship with. The Practice Matron or GP will visit the home any weekday upon request and they create a medical care plan for each residential and dementia home resident.
  • We use other healthcare professionals to create a multi- disciplinary team all with the common aim of caring for our residents needs such as district nurses who oversee wound care, administer injections and assist with end of life care. Psychiatric nurses and/ or the mental health team oversee resident’s well-being of those who have mental health problems. Social workers maybe involved in ensuring the needs of the residents are met and that best interest’s decisions are made. Phlebotomists take blood from residents who require blood tests.
  • All medication is delivered from Timothy Whites pharmacy based in Chessington. They deal exclusively with care homes therefore have the most up-to-date methods of dispensing and administering medication in such settings. They deliver medication to us 6 days a week and do frequent audits to ensure compliance and best practices.
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