Residential and dementia home nutrition is very important at Elmfield House

We have an experienced and highly qualified cook daily who prepares and serves nutritious home-cooked meals to our residential and dementia home residents. We offer a varied and balanced menu to all of our residents to ensure that they have a range of meals and snacks to meet a healthy nutritional intake.

5 star food hygiene rating for the fourth consecutive year in September 2017.

We have a four- week menu including a Roast dinner each Sunday. Our meal choices were chosen by our residents and reflect their preferences and suggestions.

Our four-week menus are shown below:

wk 1 lunchwk 2 lunchwk 3 lunchwk 4 lunch
wk 1 teawk 2 teawk 3 teawk 4 tea
  • There is a choice of three options each lunchtime and a hot and cold dessert to choose from daily. Food choices are asked the afternoon before so that each morning the cook has correct quantities of food to be cooked to reduce wastage.
  • We have a standard menu but also specialist menus to include all residents. We currently have a vegetarian menu to reflect the dietary requirements of one of our residents. We have a soft diet menu in place for our residents who have swallowing impairments. There is a gluten free menu upon request.
  • There are snacks each day of biscuits, homemade cakes, yoghurts, pots of ice cream, fresh fruit, ice lollies and scones available.
  • Residents can choose from a wide range of hot and cold beverages such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate, Horlicks, milkshakes, lemonade, cranberry juice, sparkling water or sherry.
  • Breakfast is served between 7-10am, lunch between 1-2pm and tea between 5-6pm in a location of the resident’s choice. Breakfast is served on trays at a location of the resident’s preference such as their bedroom, lounge or dining table. We have the majority of cereals, porridge, toast/ sandwiches with a range of toppings, fruit and a hot and cold drink.
  • Residents are offered a cooked breakfast every Friday.
  • At teatime the meal is served on trays in a location of the resident’s choice. There is an assorted sandwich each evening, a homemade soup of the day and a hot snack which is a lighter option. Homemade cake, yoghurt or ice cream are available with a hot and cold drink.
  • Residents have jugs of fluid in their rooms and hot drinks are given anytime of the day or night.
  • We have mid-morning and mid- afternoon drinks rounds offering biscuits, fruit or cake as snacks, residents are given a choice over what they would like to drink.
  • Every month or so our residential and dementia home residents have a fish and chip dinner from the chip shop in Knaphill which is thoroughly enjoyed by all.
  • Residents are all weighed weekly. Residents who are deemed to be at risk are placed on a food and/or fluid chart to ensure closer monitoring of nutritional consumption.
  • In our residential and dementia home, alcohol can be consumed as long as this is done responsibly and does not react with prescribed medications.
    residential and dementia home nutrition

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