Core Values

We are a ‘Home from home’

We acknowledge that Elmfield House is the resident’s home, therefore staff maintain a professional attitude at all times. We offer refreshments to visitors and have an open- door policy regarding visiting hours. Frequent visitors are always given the security codes and treated as part of our family. We aim to make visitors feel welcome. Resident’s are encouraged to bring their personal possessions with them. Familiar routines are promoted and preferences respected.

We recognise the importance of offering our resident’s choices.

Residents should be able to make everyday decisions such as what to wear, what they eat and drink, what time they get up, what time they go to bed, where they spend their time, what they would like to do, who they socialise with and who they maintain contact with. Staff demonstrate person-centred care recognising personal preferences and providing support in the way chosen by the resident.

Dignity, respect and consent are expected to be evident at all times.

Staff knock on resident’s doors before entering, ensure that residents are not exposed when assisting with personal care needs, close curtains and doors when supporting with personal care, call residents by their preferred names, are polite and respectful, treat everyone equally and we aim to build trusting relationships.

We promote independence in our residents and make effort to ensure that existing skills are maintained.

We encourage our residents to do things which they are physically and cognitively capable of to maintain their abilities. This develops existing skills and promotes self-esteem. Residents are supported to fulfil their wishes.


We provide excellent delivery of care.

We promote person-centred care and staff get to know each individual’s preferences, likes and dislikes. We strive to enhance the lives of our residents and listen to feedback and suggestions. Residents are valued and are not rushed. We make every effort to ensure their holistic needs are met and that our residents are happy and well-cared for in all areas.

We have extremely high standards.

Staff take great pride in ensuring the home is clean at all times. The food is high quality, well presented and consists of a balanced diet. The standard of care is maintained to a very high level. High standards are evident throughout the home from the directors to staff in all departments. We were recently inspected by the Food Standards Agency (July 2021) and maintained our 5 star rating

We demonstrate honesty and integrity.

We have a no blame culture. We are open and transparent and ensure that we learn from our mistakes through reflective practice. We embrace feedback both positive and negative and regularly ask service users for feedback.

We are an important part of the local community.

  • We have strong links to the local community and we are very much part of Bisley village.
  • We utilise the church service
  • We have developed a partnership with the local primary school
  • We have the Rainbows, Beavers and Scouts helping within the home
  • We attend local events such as ‘Teas on the rec’, the Strawberry Fayre,  annual fireworks and Bonfire, the Community Café, church garden party and village hall parties
  • We use local entertainers
  • We have excellent relationships with the local healthcare services
  • We assist the high school with work experience placements
  • We have fortnightly pub lunches in the local pub

We practice co-production.

Teamwork within the staffing team is essential. We work effectively with multi-disciplinary healthcare professional teams. We involve relatives and residents in care planning, decision making and what goes on within the home.  Staff are encouraged to share ideas, make suggestions and in decision-making processes. Everyone within the home is given the opportunity to be involved, express their thoughts and feelings and feel valued.

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