Recent Events

Time is certainly flying by! Generally speaking, May was a bit of a wash out after a glorious start to spring.
However, the sun finally made an appearance just in time for the Bank Holiday weekend!

We had an Indian themed lunch early May with chicken balti curry, vegetable curry, poppadum’s and dips, Bombay potatoes and pilau rice. Dawn used a sprinkle too much chili on the potatoes for some resident’s liking, but staff enjoyed the spice! There were lots of empty plates so it must have been thoroughly enjoyed.

We also received our highly- anticipated eggs and incubator to hatch our chicks. We had eight chickens in total, all variable in colour. Residents absolutely loved checking on the incubator regularly and there was such excitement when the first egg started to crack and hatch. The chickens really do grow ever so quickly and it’s amazing how in a few days they go from being tiny, fluffy babies to doubling in size. They were almost outgrowing their cage by the time they were collected, a week after hatching. Everyone was very sad to see them go back to the farm after rearing them for a week.

The long- awaited Government guidance, released mid- May finally allowed our dear residents to have up to five indoor nominated visitors. This was certainly welcome news despite the need for LFD tests prior to visiting. Our residents are also officially allowed out with their loved ones to spent time outdoors such as in a garden, park or outdoor public area. Slowly, we are getting back to ‘normal’ little by little. Some residents are preferring to see their loved ones in the garden or the visiting pod which is absolutely fine.

We were also delighted to welcome back the wonderful Graham Broad, who did a garden show performance on 25th May. The weather was reasonable for his show and everyone enjoyed a sing- along and a dance. It was lovely to have entertainers onsite again and it really made our resident’s day. This show will be the first of many…….

We managed to have our first BBQ of the year in the sizzling sunshine. Tasha did a great job at cooking her first- ever BBQ and offered a selection of marinaded chicken, beefburgers, sausages, veggie burgers and quorn sausages, with potato salad. The majority of residents sat in the garden, although it was too hot for one or two. Everyone cooled down with ice cream afterwards.

We also had our usual fortnightly visits from Nicky our hairdresser, and Rikki the podiatrist also conducted her regular visit to Elmfield.

Upcoming events

In June, we will be recognising several national days and doing thematic activities as relevant.

On 6th June it is D-Day so we will reflect on what this means to people and the history behind this historical date.

The 16th June is National Fudge Day so we will be sampling flavored fudges and perhaps even attempt to make our own.

20th June is of course Father’s Day.

The 25th June is ‘Take your dog to work’ day and we are hoping to have some furry friends visit our residents with their owners.

On the 29th June it is National Camera Day so we will be looking at the history of the camera and sharing photographs and the many memories they hold.

Staff and resident changes

We have welcomed back John Salter for respite care following an earlier stay with us. John is pleased to back at Elmfield and his companion, Patricia in particular is happy to have her domino partner-in-crime back. During his last stay, Patricia supported John with his mental health, and in turn, John inspired Patricia to swap her Zimmer frame for a walking stick.

We are also delighted to have the lovely Joan Clark. Joan is 101 years old and has moved from Brockhills. She has settled in with us exceptionally well, and has formed a friendship group. Joan has a wonderful, caring family who have supported her to make the transition smoothly.

Sadly, our carer, Sarah Daley, has left Elmfield and has gone back to working with children. We wish her the best of luck in her new venture.


There were no residents’ birthdays in May. However, we had a surprise doorstep delivery from ex- employee, Marie Massey, who regularly drops off delicious homemade cakes for residents and staff. She very kindly made Niccii a birthday cake which was shared with everyone.

It is John Salter’s birthday in June.

Other news

We are starting to get lots of enquiries now and our rooms are filling up quickly. It is lovely to have the usual hustle and bustle back in Elmfield.

We are awaiting another resident to be discharged from hospital to Elmfield in the near future.

THANK YOU to everyone who has recommended Elmfield, especially the district nurses’ team.

We are doing a recruitment campaign to attract some new care staff now that we are filing our vacant rooms.

We are pleased to share the great news that Roger Dodd has been assessed by an Occupational therapist, as safe to get out of bed following a long stay in hospital earlier this year. Everyone has been happy to see Roger and he is ecstatic to be able to go out in the garden again and to spend time in the communal areas.

Employee of the month

Employee of the month for May is awarded to Jade Haverty. Jade has been working alternate weekends to help ensure the home maintains high levels of cleanliness. Jade has also been an absolute asset to the team and has completed training to help support residents on the care team. Jade has been doing half shifts which has really helped to cover sickness, annual leave and vacant shifts. Jade is a naturally caring person who has shown excellent skills as a carer. THANK YOU Jade for your dedication and stepping out of your comfort zone.

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