Mission Statement

Our Values

“At Elmfield House we pride ourselves on our ‘home from home’ culture providing excellent quality of care in a person- centered way whilst promoting dignity, respect and independence. We ensure that all of our staff know the individual needs, preferences and wishes of each resident and build honest and trusting relationships with our residents and their family and friends.”


We aim to provide a high- quality care which is tailored around the unique needs of the residents. Staff genuinely care about our residents and this is evident on a daily basis.

Priority is given to enhancing our resident’s physical and emotional well-being. Staff encourage residents to be independent and we encourage our residents to make choices and to be involved in decision making. Dignity and respect are promoted at all times and we acknowledge that Elmfield House is our resident’s home and try hard to ensure that residents reflect on and maintain their ‘usual’ routine when they reside with us.

Elmfield House aims to provide a safe and secure environment whilst remaining homely and fit for purpose.

We pride ourselves on being an integral part of Bisley community and have developed relationships with the Church, Village Hall, Bisley School, the Hen & Chickens public house and we attend local events within the village such as Teas on the Rec, the Community Café, The Strawberry Fayre, Bisley firework display and the visiting circus.

Our Method

At Elmfield House we utilize a robust recruitment process to ensure that the staff employed share the special values of our home. Staff are appreciated for their dedication and hard work and are given opportunities and support for professional development.

Care is delivered on a person- centered basis and all staff, regardless of job role, have an excellent knowledge and understanding of each individual resident. Accurate record- keeping, regular staff and care plan updates ensure continuity of care.

Changes to physical or emotional well- being are recognised and reported promptly so that appropriate action can be taken. We utilise the services of several multi- disciplinary professionals to ensure that our residents receive the care and support which they need to ensure their continued well-being and diverse needs can be met.

Priority is given to ensure that residents are treated with due dignity and the respect which they deserve. Residents are given choices about the care which they receive, what they wish to wear, what they eat/drink, where and how they prefer to spend their time, when they prefer get up/go to bed, who they chose to see/speak to, what activities they wish to do and our resident’s decisions are respected.

Many measures, checks, audits and risk assessments are in place to keep our residents safe from harm. We place high importance on our duty of care to keep residents free from harm or danger.  All staff complete safeguarding training as part of their induction.

Elmfield House have taken great efforts to establish ourselves within the local community. We have monthly services from Bisley Church, have formed a partnership with Bisley school and receive regular visits from different year groups of children and the school choir. We have regular outings in the local area and we always receive a warm welcome. We are very well- known in the village.

Residents are encouraged to maintain their links and relationships and support is given to allow this such as assisted letter writing, open visiting hours, telephone calls, skype/video calls.

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