Nutrition is very important at Elmfield House.


Our cook, Dawn, has been at Elmfield House for a number of years.  She is very experienced and highly qualified. On a daily basis she prepares and helps serve nutritious home cooked meals. We offer a varied and balanced menu to ensure our residents have a range of meals and snacks to ensure a healthy intake of nutrients.

Breakfast consists of all popular cereals/porridge, toast with jams, fruit and hot or cold drinks. Cooked eggs of your choice is available upon request. We also offer a cooked breakfast of bacon, sausage, beans and eggs once a week.

Hydration is very important and is monitored daily by our carers. Drinks are available throughout the day. At mid-morning and mid-afternoon we also do a drinks round offering biscuits, fruit or cake as snacks, with a drink of our residents choice. Residents have jugs of fluid in their rooms.

Our lunchtime menu  was chosen by our residents which reflects their preferences and suggestions, and is based on a 4 week menu. At lunchtime there is a choice of 3 options, with a hot or cold dessert. Every Sunday there is a roast dinner with all the trimmings. We also offer a gluten free and vegetarian menu upon request.

At tea time we offer an assortment of sandwiches, home made soup and homemade cakes. Yoghurts and ice cream are available if requested.

All residential and dementia home residents are weighed weekly as part of their personalised care plan.

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