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“Elmfield has lived up to our expectations. We were looking for a small, personal and friendly environment where my Aunt would settle quickly. This is exactly what happened……  Staff interact extremely well with residents and are very caring and efficient……. The manager has a complete understanding of the resident’s needs and always takes the time out to discuss things with me.” AM Griffths


Elmfield care home Surrey “I feel mum is safe, well-fed and every effort is made to engage with her. The level of care is very good, it is obvious that the staff do genuinely care.” G. Nutcher


“The staff at Elmfield are excellent and there are great interactions between staff and resident’s. They really take the time to understand the resident’s needs. Elmfield has exceeded my expectations: great care has been taken to get my mum on a level where she is better than she has been for years. Thank-you for looking after mum so well!” S. Harrison


“My first impressions of Elmfield were excellent, very friendly ad welcoming, clean, a homely atmosphere and fresh smelling….. Staff interact extremely well with residents and treat them as individuals…… The manager frequently personally interacts with the residents and knows their requirements on a personal level. There is excellent communication and I am always kept informed of anything relevant. Elmfield has exceeded my expectations. My mother has been cared for in a better way than when at home with 24- hour live in care.” J. Cook


“My mum was very unhappy at the prospect of moving into a home, however she has settled well and refers to Elmfield as home, and is secure in her environment and loves her carers.” E. Child


“Staff interact incredibly well. It is moving and humbling to see the care and dignity the residents are accorded…… There is a real sense of pride in the staff’s work and obvious expertise. Elmfield has lived up to our expectations. We expected a small, well- run family feel and that is what we have……. Food, service with a smile and physical care of residents and a sense of love and kindness are done well.” D. Brooks


“All management and staff act in a very professional manner. All the staff are well- trained and seem to understand the requirements of each resident. The manager has a full understanding of caring for the residents and running the home. The manager and staff are very helpful and tell us everything we need to know about my mother and her needs. The activity program is improving all of the time.” J. Chaplin


“When we looked round Elmfield we were thrilled and amazed! The staff are totally amazing and we feel extremely welcome even when staff are busy. We cannot fault Emfield, well done to everyone. We regularly recommend Elmfield. We would both like to come in our old age!” C. Briggs and M. Gill


“Elmfield is very friendly and you feel you are at home. General care from all levels is done very well. It’s a lovely care home with very good staff. We cannot find any fault with the home. Thank you!” V. Winter


“Elmfield is very friendly and welcoming with happy staff and residents. Staff have a great rapport with residents and have clearly spent time getting to know them and their families properly. Staff understand the resident’s needs really well both in terms of care, socially and emotionally. They show excellent communication skills for those with dementia. The manager’s understanding is excellent in terms of clinical aspects of care and social and emotional needs of each resident. Activities provided are extensive and varied and Elmfield really feels like part of the community.We visited many care homes but Elmfield was significantly better, we had high expectations but Elmfield has exceeded them.” A. Cook


“The manager is attentive and always willing to listen. Elmfield is warm and friendly and staff give me confidence in their duty of care for my mum. Thank you for all you do, you’re all really friendly and approachable! I’m forever grateful.” G. Irving


“Staff are very kind and friendly with the residents and deal with difficult situations in a very kind, sympathetic way. Staff understand the needs of the residents very well and the manager interacts with the residents regularly with a sympathetic and professional attitude and manages the staff and home well. The staff encourage residents to take part in activities and outside trips makes the days more interesting.” S. Millington


“I always feel welcome and am always offered a hot drink. Staff always do their best for the residents and the manager has a good understanding of their needs. Elmfield is a lovely welcoming care home with excellent staff. Everything is done well: cooking, cleaning, communication. We tried various homes and mum was very unhappy, she’s now the happiest she can be and her general well- being is good. She gets plenty of personal attention and I am very impressed.” T. Williams


“There is a good balance of residents and nobody appears isolated or left out. The staff are professional and attentive and I always feels welcome when I visit mum. The home appears to run very smoothly; a sign of good management. Mum hasn’t looked this well in years. I would certainly recommend Elmfield care home Surrey.” A. Hoff


“There is a high level of attention given to the resident’s needs and a professional approach to the way individual requirements are dealt with and reported. Staff appear to have developed a good and clear understanding of each resident’s needs. I would say the manager’s understanding of the needs of the home reflect a very much ‘hands on’ and ‘can do’ approach and show involvement with the tasks at every level.” A. Deamer


“I was very impressed with how homely the residence is and my mother’s room is lovely, very clean and comfortable. I was happy and surprised to see all of the range of activities. The staff are wonderful, very kind and caring. To quote my mother ‘They talk to me, not at me.’ I am overwhelmed by their kindness. The manager’s understanding is top notch, we could not ask for any better treatment and she is kind, caring and informative. My mother is very lucky to be at Elmfield.” G. Hoff

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